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The Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories Showroom is located at Unit 2, 54 Byre Avenue Somerton Park SA. They are enormously proud of their products which come with a full money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. They have never had a return of a product.
Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories: The DX Active Zone Antenna is light, compact and has an elegant streamlined design.The DX2700 is a great boosted antenna. Their website is well worth a few minutes to view. They also have an informative TECHNICAL FAQ's section with vast information on TV for travellers.
Bob Ayles writes: "The DX2700 boosted antenna is an amazing product and is best value for money product that we know of and we have tested all antenna. DX2700 is a fringe antenna with ability to simply switch to local mode if the signal is too strong. This UHF/VHF analogue/digital product is excellent with HD receivers and with the ability to simply swing from horizontal to vertical signal it is far more suited to Australian conditions than the Wineguard product. We offer FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEES that it is the best and no one has ever ask for this."
Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories still stock the budget priced "T" antenna but when you add a booster to this product it is only $70 less than DX2700. The DX2700 is really doing well with fringe digital in boost mode, much better than was expected in some locations where analogue struggled despite a good antenna.
Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories: The TV Signal Finder is a pre tune device & by rotating antenna 360 degree both horizontally then vertically one can fine direction of strongest signal prior to initial TV tuneTV and Satellite Finder. The Sat finder has been on test since August 2009 and the feedback we get on results is excellent. Brian has used a satellite dish for over 10 years and has tried numerous finding devices and he claims the Fringe Electronics product by far the easiest to use and very accurate. He agrees that it is of a professional standard.
- Download a TV and Satellite Finder brochure.
Telephone: 08 8376 2411; Fax: 08 8376 2455 or Online: Click Submit Enquiry button on the right. Please let the company know that you have seen their photos on Caravan Park Photos.
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Contact and Location
Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories
Unit 2, 54 Byre Avenue
Somerton Park SA 5044
P: 08 8376 2411
F: 08 8376 2455
W: http://www.happywanderer.net.au

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