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Welcome to Australian Caravan Park Photos & Reviews. Our mission is to provide accurate and independent photo-reviews of caravan parks in Australia as a service to the Australian caravanning public. On this website you will find relevant, up-to-date information about caravanning, camping and touring in Australia.

This Directory of Caravan Park Photos and Reviews is the largest of its kind in Australia. It contains literally thousands of photographs and notes from places that I have actually visited.

My name is John Townsend and I travel extensively for work and pleasure. I have personally visited over 90% of the parks shown on this site. However, as it will probably be impossible to visit all parks in Australia I do allow parks to submit photos and descriptions themselves. Park submitted photos are clearly identified and also the date on which the photos were received.

My personal preference when travelling is to find locations that are safe, interesting and quiet. If you are looking for rage holidays then this site will probably fall short of your expectations. Caravan Parks do not pay advertising fees to be on this website as our goal is to provide independent reviews and photographs that will assist caravan owners to make informed choices when planning a trip. Please ensure that you have read and agree to our Disclaimer prior to using the material on this website.

Caravan owners will find this site very useful especially if you are planning a caravan trip around Australia. I have often searched for photos of caravan parks I am intending to visit and am usually disappointed with the results. Most of the current photos cover NSW, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. I have recently travelled 6,000km through Victoria, including the Great Ocean Road, and then to South Australia and across central NSW photographing caravan parks so there are a lot of new additions for you to explore. Please feel free to contact me to provide your own feedback on any park you have visited and we will add your comments to our website. You can submit your feedback by clicking here.

Camping enthusiasts will also find useful information throughout this website. When I visit a caravan park I try to include photos of areas within the park that are specificially set aside for tents and camping. Most parks have camping areas and some of these are particularly attractive. Australia's temperate climate is ideal for camping and caravan parks offer a safe. secure environment for you to erect your tent. Camping in the bush can be fun but it can also be dangerous because of falling limbs (particularly gum trees) and sudden bushfires.

Warning: Parking your caravan overnight in roadside rest areas can be dangerous and is often illegal. Caravan Parks provide a safe, secure facility for tourists and they need and deserve our support. Sadly, more caravan parks are closing than opening and this places the caravanning lifestyle so treasured by Australians at risk.

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