User Feedback and Comments

"Congratulations on your drive and iniative to produce this website! It is fantastic! It is such a relief to find information that is not bought or paid for! Thanks so much for us caravaners, we often find things not as they are advertised. Great site, got the info from a cut out in the paper my Dad saw. Keep up the great work, will regularly visit your site!"
Judy & Jim Keegan, Terrigal NSW

"Many, many thanks for such a well presented and informed website. Touring around this great land of ours is a pleasure beyond most peoples dreams, and your site is a welcome companion. Well done."
Toby and Jenny Bromley The Tumbleweeds.

"What a fantastic web site. We are travelling around New Zealand and Australia from January 2007. I've been looking for something on caravan parks and found nothing until I discovered this link on travel blogs - your site is just what I've been looking for! We know nothing about caravaning and travelling with our 2.5 yr old son will be interesting, so your reviews will take some of the worry out of planning our trips. Thank you!"
Maria Tuson, Northhampton UK..

"It is so much fun to see all the pictures from so many caravan parks we visited on our one year trip to Australia. Thank you for that. Sometimes we forgot to take pictures of the places we stayed, and now we can see them again. This website goes to my favorites, now I have found it I am sure I will come back here again."
Ursula Visser, Ulft Netherlands.

"We are currently travelling around our great country & are only new to the caravanning world. This website will be of great value to us. We have lived in some of these places & also stayed in some of the parks listed. It is a lot more comforting to see the true photos of the parks instead of the disappointing brochure shots that just aren't the same when you arrive. Thanks again & keep up the good work. Slowmads"
Shane Sinclair, Albury NSW

Thank you so much for this fantastic web site. Just so valuable to see photos of the parks from a caravanner's perspective. Many of us are not in need of high tech web sites or glossy brochures. What we want are photos from a traveller's perspective. In our case we want to see the shade,size of the sites,pool,amenities, comments on traffic etc. My husband & I are off on an extended trip in October. Your site has been absolutely magic in assisting us to plan our trip. All the best for the future.... Shona, Townsville.

You're doing a good job and showing parks from a visitors perspective instead of that of a 'professional' paid assessor. Appreciate your efforts in keeping the impressions 'real'. Anthea Jones, BIG4 Bendigo Ascot Holiday Park

Just heard you on the ABC, so thought I'd take a look. Great work, wonderful photos and such useful information. I will certainly be telling anyone who mentions travelling to check it out. Sue O'Brien, Port Macquarie.