Use of images from the Caravan Park Photos Website

The aim of the Caravan Park Photos website is to provide potential users of caravan parks, homesteads, hotels and resorts with pictures and commentary that can be used for informed holiday planning. John Townsend of Townsend International Pty Ltd Australia is the copyright owner of all photographs that he has personally taken and uploaded to this website and reserves all rights to use or reproduce.

Where photographs have been supplied by Caravan Parks or contributors the copyright for their works is reserved by those persons and entities and permission to use or reproduce any of this material is dependent on their agreement.

Licences to use these images are issued on the following conditions:

• acknowledgment of the source of the photograph is included in any publication as follows:


• if the photograph is downloaded directly from the website and subsequently used on the Internet the following should be included near the photograph or on the page in which it is used:

Photograph used with kind permission of

The HTML code for this insertion is available at the bottom of this page;

• high quality digital images of pictures on this website may be purchased from Caravan Park Photos in accordance with the charges shown below;

• Caravan Park Photos may request one or more copies of any publication in which the photographs appear;

• all images are copyright and must not be duplicated or used in any manner other than indicated in this licence agreement;

A fee is charged for the purchase of high quality digital image originals and the right to use them for commercial use:

Reproduction fee:

Commercial use $75.00 each with reductions for quantity. Click here to submit your order request.

The Reproduction fee is waived for Caravan Parks on this website who have purchased the Gold Member Caravan Park Service.

For further information please call (02) 6653-7131

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