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Warrnambool is a town of 28,500 people situated 263km west of Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road. The town has a beautiful natural harbour and a long history associated with the sea including the hunting of seals and whales. Warrnambool was an important port during the early part of the twentieth century with much of the produce from the hinterland being moved out by sea.

Many ships have come to grief in the wild waters of the Great Southern Ocean, particularly near Warrnambool which is why the area has acquired the name "Shipwreck Coast". Perhaps the most famous loss was that of the Mahogany Ship which disappeared in 1836. Attempts to solve the mystery continue to this very day. A well marked 22km Mahogany Ship Walking Track passes close to the area where the ship is thought to have disappeared. This walk with give you a very good feel for the Southern Ocean waters around Warrnambool.

The Warrnambool City Council has established an impressive collection of art in the town's art gallery including works from landscapes of Eugene Von Guerard and Louise Buvelot.

Whale watching is very popular pastime during winter in Warrnambool. Southern Right Whales return to calve in the sheltered water off Logans Beach.