Caravan Parks and Free Camping in Mallacoota VIC

Mallacoota is a delightful town located in the south east of Victoria. The town is located on a wonderful inlet full of islands and expansive views. It is also at the meeting place of the Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean and Tasman Sea. These rough seas have claimed many lives and ships.

The town quadruples at peaktourist season but seems to be able to handle the influx without any problems.

There are some wonderful walks including one around the lake. My favorite,however, is the coast walk from Betka Beach to Fisherman's Point. What a great credit to the town to have provided such a lovely walk. Bastion Point beach is also worth visiting as it has a boat ramp and jetty.

It's not hard to see why this town is so popular and a mecca for tourists in south NSW and eastern Victoria.