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Pitt Town NSW 2756
P: 123456
P: 123456
F: 123456
W: http://www.hawkesburycaravanpark.com.au

GPS:S33 34 15,E150 50 41
GPS:S33 34.2529,E150 50.6896

  1. Frank  of  Baulkham Hills NSW Mon December 2, 2013 at 7:44 PM

    Used to ski at this place 35/40 years ago
  2. Lee  of  Tweed Heads Sun September 22, 2013 at 11:37 AM

    In November 2012 we drove into Riverside Tourist Park for what was going to be about a 2 month stay. It was the Thursday before the Bridge to Bridge boat race. The Managers were away on a break. The young lady who was in charge, went out of her way to help us find a site for our large van. We walked through the park and we were disgusted with the state it was in. The lawns were not mown, it was very untidy. We found a site and asked if we could have it mowed and the edges done before we parked. Because there was no-one there to do it, we said we would do it. She supplied a mower and whipper snipper. Neither worked. She told us that the park was going to be in for a very busy weekend for the boat race and there were lots of campers booked in. Wouldn't you think then, that someone would have been getting the park in some sort of order ? How can you pitch a tent on long grass. As it worked out, we couldn't get a large enough area to turn our rig around on the road as it was too small and overhung with trees. A blessing now that we look back. We were so happy to leave. We have no comment on the people that live in the park, as we didn't see anyone else. The thing we couldn't understand is it is called a 'Tourist' park. This made us think that there would be many vans calling in on their holidays.
    The park is in a superb position for tourists. It's the closest to the township of Windsor, so very convenient. The Hawkesbury is a very pretty river, and would be ideal to have a holiday by.
    So, we left and gave 2 months rent of our money to another park. Such a pity. With just a little cosmetic work and tidying up, this could be a great park earning a good income. If the park was given some attention, we would be happy to try again.
  3. mel  of  pittown Thu April 4, 2013 at 8:20 PM

    Miss hodgson,in regards to your statement below I would like to clear a few things up for you before you continue to rant and make more inaccurate statements apart the park,or as we like to call it home,for your information there are a lot of respectable people that live here and hold down full time jobs,we choose to live here because of the high cost of rental properties,and the fact that its peace full,clean and a beautiful place.the mangers and staff that work here work seven days a week and go out of there way to make people comfortable and there stay pleasurable,as for your comments about filth this place is always maintained amacculately,the grounds are tidy and all bathrooms and sites are cleaned daily.the so call games room had been cleaned,and due to uncontrollable,children who trashed the place,it had been closed for the day until it was cleaned that evening,the gas BBQ are always filled if not I'm sure your capable of walking to the office and getting a refilled one,the pool area always cleaned and maintained.I am sick of these flybys,who come in and think that because we live in a caravan park,were just trash sit around collect center link benefits and drink,in some cases yes,but not here we are decent people and live in a great place,and its such a wonderful place,were always busy and fully booked families and kids love it,its a great place to visit and stay,I'm sorry it didn't cater to your needs,may I suggest next time you go straight to Wilberforce caravan park I think you'd fit right in there.
  4. Sam Hodgson Wed March 20, 2013 at 6:08 PM

    Me and my partner have travelled from Perth to NSW staying at various caravan parks on our way and this is by far the worst I have been to!! We have a campervan and got a powered site for 30 dollers a night! On the website it shows a nice, clean and tidy riverside location and says there are amenities such as a community room. The site where we were was scruffy and unpleasant, the so called swimming pool with slide was closed - not sure why, the kitchen/community room had a sign on the window saying closed until further notice due to people been disrespectful! I'm not sure how long this had been closed but we were given a key ro go in and the place looked like a junk room. The microwaves were dirty as were the sinks from what you could see of them as they were full of dirty washing up, there is a pool table in the room which is ripped and a few different sofas and chairs which were absolutely filthy. The windows didn't look like they had be cleaned in the last 12 months and the blinds were falling to bits it was disgusting! The free gas bbqs around the site either had no gas or they were filthy! The toilets on the other hand were ok although there was a light fitting falling from the ceiling! When we asked the woman from reception why the kitchen area was locked she said kids had messed the place up! But surely someone is responsible to clean that area who works there?! Overall I would of rather stayed on the side of the road this place is nothing like it is advertised on the website. We also spoke to someone who was just leaving the site who said that the people that live there full time have done nothing but drink alcohol from around 10am every morning and shout and swear around the grounds. This is NOT a nice tourist park and I would urge people to read this review before booking a stay there!!!!!
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