Sylvan Caravan Park - Campbellfield: Photos coming soon Sylvan Caravan Park - Campbellfield:  Photos coming soon

  1. amy  of  campbellfield victoria Fri October 5, 2012 at 6:31 AM

    no i do not like it here, i been here just a over a week and it is terrible, right next to loud Hume Highway, all you hear is loud trucks and cars nonstop, i can not even sleep it's so loud, plus the airplanes flying so low above the park, since i been here my anxiety has gottten worse, plus it is old in the cabin, no countertop space, no computer or tv hookup, no internet, the refrigerator is very old, no space if you have alot of clothes, the bathrooms have three showers, and three toilets, out of the three a shower plus toilet has been out of order in the womens bathroom, plus a light out in one shower room, my husband and i have no where to live but here and i hate it, i want a place more quiet, if you like it quiet this is not the right place for you, it is so loud nonstop 24/7, i hope to move to another cabin area i saw, my husband and i drove past this other cabin site, it it so perfect, they are updated, safer, and have 8 stalls in bathroom, plus tv and air condioner, the kithens are perfect there, all new inside, i emailed them an hoping my husband and i get a place there, plus it's quiet, i would sleep so much better and feel safer also, i came here only because we had no choice, no where to live,i just can not stand it here VERY LOUD TRAFFIC !