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The photos I uploaded are not showing:

Sometimes it can take up to 7 days for photos to be reviewed and approved for display. However, please be assured that if your photos meet our guidelines they will certainly be approved and we appreciate your contribution.


When I go to Sign In the screen goes black:

This appears to be a problem only on Windows 7.0.  If this occurs you can login here This  is a static page which will not cause any screen issues.


Can I upload photos using an iPad or Mac computer:

You certainly can and we recommend that you use the Safari browser.


 My review is not showing:

Sometimes it can take up to 7 days for reviews to be published.  Please be aware that we do not publish anonymous reviews or those submitted with an invalid email address as we feel this is unfair on the parks.


I cannot Sign In to my Premium Membership Account:

1. Request a password reset and then Sign in from the home page;

2. Watch the Sign In Video Tutorial;

3. Check that your Credit Card information in Paypal is up to date and that your membership has been renewed.

4. Check that Java is enabled in your browser.  View these instructions.

5. Try to login at which does not require Java.


My Premium Member Subscription was renewed automatically:

We never deduct funds from Paypal without permission. Your membership is renewed automatically unless cancelled because you signed up to a recurring subscription. You can verify this in your Paypal account.

You need to cancel your subscription in your PayPal account so that it does not automatically renew for future years.


How do I cancel my Premium Membership Subscription?

Login into your Paypal Account and follow the instructions on cancelling subscriptions.


The photos are not showing correctly on my screen:

Problems like this are usually the result of using an out of date browser.  Our recommended browser for viewing Caravan Park Photos is Google Chrome.  You can download the latest version here.


Issues with Trip Planner:

Check out the extensive Tutorial Videos in our Help Tutorials.


 How do I make a booking with a Caravan Park?

Contact the park direct via telephone.  We are not agents for caravan parks and are unable to make bookings on your behalf.


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