Accessories for Caravans, Motorhomes and Recreational Vehicles

Bullitt Automotive Pty Ltd

Bullitt Automotive Pty Ltd
The Shocker Hitch Air Ride Towing Hitch provides the ultimate smooth ride. The Air Shocker is a minature air suspension unit mounted between your truck and trailer that slides directly into a two inch receiver tube.

Cadac Safari Chef BBQ.

Cadac Patio Gas and Charcoal BBQs
With a stylish, robust and leading edge design in gas and charcoal BBQ, CADAC now brings their exciting range of barbeques, outdoor cooking accessories and camping accessories to Australia. Originating in South Africa, CADAC may be the "new kid on the barbecue block" in Australia, but they bring with them 60 years of experience and dedication to versatility (for any meal), portability (to carry anywhere) and quality. Their products are durable enough to hold up even in the rugged Aussie Outback!

Grey Nomad 101 DVD.

Grey Nomad 101 DVD - the “How to do it” caravanning DVD
For new chums through to old-timers, this DVD is packed full of tips, tricks, traps and great ideas that are bound to save you time and money. Around 4 hours of entertaining and informative material based on Sid and Sandie’s experiences and mistakes. Plus beautiful footage of some of the best spots in Australia they have visited, guaranteed to get you itching to hit the road.

Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories: The DX Active Zone Antenna is light, compact and has an elegant streamlined design.

Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories
All our antenna products are designed for simplicity of installation, speed to erect at the site and easy tuning to local transmitter. All models are designed to collect transmitted signal both horizontally and vertically. This is very important as some antenna sold in Australia can only tune to signal horizontally, causing large loss of signal in vertical areas.

Narelle Telford.

Narelle Telford Artist
Narelle creates magnificent paintings which are ideal for your home, motorhome or caravan. She writes: "Painting is my Passion! My paintings are a celebration of this wonderful earth. The emotional feelings I get from the subject matter are of prime importance to my finished work, creating the nuance, which results in a dynamic and shifting diversity. I usually work in a series, and my paintings are sometimes realistic, contemporary or abstract and often the interpretation of the subject matter can be left to the viewer."

Ora Products.

Ora Products Towing Mirrors
When Ora designed their first mirror clamp, they looked at the variety of towing vehicles on the market. These cars had a diverse range of side mirrors and they needed to find a solution for them all. So in 1995 the Ora mirror mounted towing mirror was born. Ora mirrors are sold throughout Europe and Australia. Ora has adapted these mirrors to specifically suit Australian towing vehicles and conditions. Nowadays they are able to supply a selection of towing mirrors for all tastes and conditions.

ORS OffRoad Systems

ORS OffRoad Systems
Here at OffRoad Systems we believe it is of the utmost importance that we bring our customers 3 things (1) A Strong, Quality Product; (2) An Affordable Product; and (3) A Great Looking Product. We strive to get the most out of your vehicle, and our drawers represent that by being Lightweight, Affordable, but still built strong enough to last longer than any cars lifetime.

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